Food fortification is a effective strategy to meet nutritional needs Fortification is the addition of key vitamin and minerals to staple foods It improves nutritional content and address nutritional gap in population Food fortification is the proven and effective strategy to meet nutritional needs across various sections of the society, MinisterRead More →

Standard grilled vegetable skewers grow old pretty quick. That’s why we’ve developed five creative, crowd-pleasing vegan versions worthy of any backyard BBQ. We promise they’ll satisfy even the most discerning palates. 1. Candied Maple Balsamic Brussels Sprout Skewers with Red Onion Brussels sprouts aren’t your typical BBQ fare, but you’ll beRead More →

You may be seeing the term macros more often these days thanks to the increased popularity of the keto diet and the general public’s heightened attention to the benefits of eating healthfully. The term is short for macronutrients, which includes the three most important nutrients required for the proper functioning of every bodyRead More →