Valentine’s Day is almost here and the preparations for the same have already begun. From deciding on gifts to planning the day by checking out the best restaurants for special meals, this day is dedicated to love and togetherness. If you’re getting ready for Valentine’s Dayand wish to look your bestRead More →

India has always come up with innovative solutions when it comes to the question of what to eat when at work.Take the dal baati churma combination that itinerant traders and hunters of Rajasthan hit upon while on the roads during the medieval ages. Or the cooks in the armies ofRead More →

Don’t forget to pick a bento box for yourself before you get on the Shinkansen,” said Tokyo-based food writer and friend, Yukari Sakamoto, when she heard that I was taking the train from Tokyo to Kyoto. Yukari’s book, Food Sake Tokyo, had turned out to be a great guide forRead More →

Magnesium aids in keeping a number of illnesses at bay There are no evident symptoms of magnesium deficiency Consume magnesium-rich foods such as dark chocolate, legumes, nuts, etc Magnesium, as one is aware, is a highly important mineral. It contributes to fortifying human health, especially bones and muscles. It isRead More →