Cities and states are starting to approve bans on vaping in public places, such as bars and restaurants. At one point in history, smoking cigarettes was permitted almost anywhere. Outdoors and indoors, from offices to hospitals, it didn’t matter, especially on television. It took decades — after the objective andRead More →

India has always come up with innovative solutions when it comes to the question of what to eat when at work.Take the dal baati churma combination that itinerant traders and hunters of Rajasthan hit upon while on the roads during the medieval ages. Or the cooks in the armies ofRead More →

Making sure kids aren’t afraid of needles can help keep them healthy in the long term. One of the worst things to witness as a parent is your child in pain. But many of us, along with our pediatricians, dismiss the anxiety and pain that can come with vaccines. AdultsRead More →

Adolescence can get overwhelming. It is a phase marked by flux and emotional unrest. It is only natural for teenagers to exhibit the chaos that manifests within towards everyone around them. It then becomes imperative to ensure that adolescents get ample support and learn to handle the transition in a healthy manner.Read More →