Eating yellow Moong Dal with Rice has profound benefits

1. Health benefits of eating yellow moong dal with basmati rice

Health benefits of eating yellow moong dal with basmati rice

Moong daal and rice is a perfect combination that offers a myriad list of health benefits. This combination is widely eaten in India and the Middle East. Consumption of these two together provides high levels of nutrition to your body and makes for a low-fat, high-fibre protein rich meal. Read to know more about it:

2. Nutritional value of basmati rice

Nutritional value of basmati rice

Basmati rice comes in two varieties – white and brown. One cup of cooked brown rice provides 218 calories, while white rice provides 242 calories, 8.1 g of protein, 77.1 g of carbohydrates, 0.6 g of fat, and 2.2 g of fiber per cup.

3. Nutritional value of yellow moong dal

Nutritional value of yellow moong dal

One cup of cooked moong dal has 147 calories, 1.2 g of total fat, 28 mg of sodium, 12 g of dietary fiber, 3 g of sugar and 25 g of protein per serving. It is a good source of protein and is in low in carbohydrates.

4. Builds muscles

Builds muscles

Moong dal contains amino acids and rice contains sulfur-based amino acids, both of which are required by the body for synthesis of proteins. Combination of dal and rice aids in protein synthesis, which helps build and strengthen muscles.

5. Strengthen the immune system

Strengthen the immune system

Moong dal is known to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that help in fighting harmful bacteria, viruses and colds. Rice has fibre called resistant starch which helps in promoting healthy bacteria in the bowel, thus boosting the immune system.

6. Provides benefits to hair and skin

Provides benefits to hair and skin

Moong dal is a good source of protein and rice has good fiber content which cleanses the body and thus promotes healthy hair and skin. The best time to eat moong dal and rice is in the afternoon as it can easily digest at this time.

7. Prevents anemia

Prevents anemia

Moong dal contains a good amount of iron which is necessary for the formation of red blood cells. Therefore, consuming moong dal meets the iron deficiency in your body and reduces the risk of anemia.

8. Boosts metabolism

Boosts metabolism

Spices like turmeric, cumin, or coriander powder are used while preparing dal which helps in boosting the metabolic process in the body. On the other hand, basmati rice contains thiamin and niacin which also help in boosting your metabolism.

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1. Health benefits of oat milk

Health benefits of oat milk

Oat milk is a specialized form of milk, prepared with steel-cut oats and then soaked in water and blended. It is quite delicious and a nutritious alternative to cow’s milk and a perfect option for those who are lactose intolerant, vegan or just watching their weight. It is brimming with other essential nutrients such as vitamin B, iron, calcium, zinc, and magnesium. One cup of oat milk has 130 calories, 2.5 grams fat, 2 grams fiber, 4 grams protein and about 35 percent of recommended daily allowance for calcium. If you are thinking to switch to oat milk, here is why it is an ideal choice. Have a look at the health benefits this homemade milk.

2. Treats chronic diseases

Treats chronic diseases

According to various researches, consuming oats milk regularly can lower overall oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. Thus, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

3. Increases bone strength

Increases bone strength

Oat milk is an excellent source of calcium, iron and other important minerals. These minerals are very important for maintaining bone density. It will also keep your bones healthy and strong.

4. Improves vision

Improves vision

Vitamin A found in oat milk protects the eyes from various eye diseases like macular degeneration and oxidative stress in the retina.

5. Boosts the immune system

Boosts the immune system

Oat milk helps in boosting the immune system and helps optimize the digestive process due to the presence of high level of soluble fiber in it.

6. Protects cardiovascular health

Protects cardiovascular health

Oat milk has low levels of fat as compared to cow’s milk. It has no cholesterol and hence good for the heart.

7. Promotes weight loss

Promotes weight loss

Oat milk has minisule fat content, which makes it a perfect drink for people who are trying to shed those extra kilos. Due to the presence of soluble fibre in oat milk, it will help you in keeping your stomach full for a longer period of time.

8. Cleanses the body

Cleanses the body

Drinking oat milk regularly helps in getting rid of the toxins from the body and stops abdominal bloating. It is also known for regulating your digestive system.

9. Prevents ageing

Prevents ageing

Oat milk is loaded with antioxidants that helps in protecting the body from the ill effects of free radicals, thus preventing deadly diseases like cancer and also premature aging.

10. Ingredients


1 litre of water

100 grams of oats

1 pinch of salt

11. Method


Step 1: Soak steel cut oats in water overnight. After soaking, drain and rinse the oats well.

Step 2: Now, add the soaked and rinsed oats in a blender with three cups of water. Blend it for about one to two minutes or until it has an even consistency.

Step 3: Strain the milk through cheesecloth or nut milk bag.

Step 4: Store the milk in an airtight container in the refrigerator and use within three to five days.