14 mouth-watering pakodas that will make your weekend delightful

1. Happy and tasteful weekend!

Happy and tasteful weekend!

Monsoon is here and we have all the reasons to skip the gym and indulge in some scrumptious preparations that are high in calories and are literally soaked in a pool of oil to give that perfect feel of the season. Hope you got the hint that we are talking about our very own ‘Pakodas’. While the new-age cooking system calls them fritters, but the soul of this food item lies in the magic of roasted gram flour, semolina, and spices. Let’s have a look at such 14 mouth-watering pakodas that will surely make your weekend delightful.

2. Spinach Pakoda

Spinach Pakoda
Made in form of crispy balls, spinach pakoda requires patience in terms of preparation and cooking. First of all the fresh leaves are washed, then finely chopped and after marinating in besan batter they are deep fried in hot oil for the perfect taste.

3. Soya Pakoda

Soya Pakoda
For a change, forget the tandoori soya chaap and indulge in its deep-fried version in form of Soya Pakoda. There are street shops selling this version in your city, give it a try.

4. Sabudana Pakoda

 Sabudana Pakoda
Generally served during Navratri and special occasions, this variation of pakoda tastes best when served hot with tamarind chutney and green chutney.

5. Pyaz Pakoda

 Pyaz Pakoda
Monsoon season is incomplete without this variation of pakodas, that has the perfect blend of spices and tastes divine with green chutney and cutting chai.